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Our Company & Philosophy

Planet Barley™ was founded in 1983 by research pharmacist Dr. W.L.Tan with a mission to promote beauty, health and wellness through effective, environmentally-friendly alternatives to mass-produced, synthetic products. At Planet Barley™, we believe that man and nature should always be living in harmony. Besides, the rhythm of this millennium demands a return to nature.

Nowadays, people tend to care more and more about what they put on as well as into their bodies. People are concerned about the ingredients in their skin care, just as they care about the ingredients in their foods. Since its inception, Planet Barley™ has strived to produce only health and wellness products as well as skin and personal care products made from the very best natural ingredients, developed through this perfect combination of nature and science for our caring consumers.
When it comes to product development, we always put safety and effectiveness above all. Each of our product line utilizes the unique synergy of natural vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that interact and work together to deliver visible results. In the development of our health product ranges, the focus has always been on the known health & beauty therapeutic values of the organically grown young green barley grass, widely known to nutritionists as the nature’s miracle rejuvenator.

The overwhelming response from thousands of satisfied consumers both locally & from abroad is testimony of the quality of our products which are uniquely safe and effective.

Our product philosophy is simple --- Natural products work and they are always safer and environmentally friendlier than their synthetic alternatives.